Customer Testimonials

“I was itching and burning, but your cream stopped that within two minutes after I applied it. I saw a big difference within the first tweeks…I’ve been clear for a whole month now…Thank you for giving me my social life back.” – M.J., Massachusetts


“…I’ve spent a fortune on medications and doctors. I can’t thank you enough for sticking to your word and finding something that would work for me.” – G.S., Texas


“I never, ever, expected the results that I’ve experienced with your new Psorinol 3 products…my skin is also smoother than it’s been in a long time…This has really been a pleasant surprise. Thank you for your excellent support over the last few months.” – Beth P., New York


“…I almost feel bad that my psoriasis is now in remission, I don’t have any reason to call Fred anymore. Their advice alone was worth it’s weight in gold.” – John G., Colorado


“…In my twenty-six years as a dermatologist, I have yet to discover a non-prescription remedy as effective as your products…The results are remarkable for a steroid free topical treatment.” – Dr. H. Minsky, Toronto, Canada