Nemtrex Medicated Shampoo 8 oz


Our Nemtrex naturally medicated shampoo is designed for people suffering from scalp psoriasis or similar chronic scalp conditions.  This powerful herbal blend includes both Amla & Shikakai bontanicals.  These powerful botanicals and all natural elements have been engineered to fight chronic scalp condition symptoms and the root causes.  We have clinically proven that our holistic recipes are as powerful as pharmaceutical grade medicine,but without all the harmful chemically engineered steroids and antibiotics.


Active Ingredients and their contribution:

Shikakai – stimulating hair growth and treating dandruff
Alma – strengthening the hair shaft and nourishing it
Hibiscus – helps nourish hair and prevents both premature graying and dandruff
Chamomile – is the most soothing of the essential oils for the hair and scalp
Fenugreek – contains numerous skin-enriching elements that nourish the scalp

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Learn More About Our Ingredients

We all know about the use of shikakai for hair but you will be surprised at the amazing uses and benefits of shikakai for skin, especially in treating skin related diseases.
Shikakai is very beneficial in stimulating hair growth and treating dandruff.  Shikakai leaves the hair soft and silky.

Amla a/k/a Emblica Officinalis
The benefits of Amla to hair have long been known by Indians. It is a very effective hair conditioner and it even prevents grey hair. Amla works by penetrating deep into the hair and scalp, strengthening the hair shaft and nourishing it. This fruit also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Chamomile Extract
chamomile is known to soothe the nerves and it does the same for your hair and scalp, in fact it is the most soothing of the essential oils for the hair and scalp. Chamomile helps to retract skin cells that have been inflamed from chemical procedures, and harsh weather conditions and helps with itching scaly scalp and dandruff.

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein
Hydrolysed wheat protein improves the ability of the hair to retain moisture. Adds volume. Reduces hair porosity. Improved smoothness. Repairs the hair by covalently bonding to the hair protein(hair is over 90% protein). Excellent film former for texture improvement.

Hibiscus is widely known for its rejuvenating properties. It helps nourish hair and prevents both premature graying and dandruff. Regular use has been noted to decrease hair loss as well. The beautiful hibiscus flower has natural emollient and a high amount of Vitamin C. It also has both astringent and moisturizing properties which makes it suitable for both types of hair, oily as well as dry. If your hair is thinning due to breakage as a result of dry tangled hair, hibiscus oil is a great remedy for you as this flower contains mucilage or a slippery extract which can detangle your hair as well as soothe your dry scalp.

Bhringaraj is a widely used medicine all across India and also in China. Bhringraj Oil is useful mainly for the treatment of hair fall. The oil stimulates fresh growth of hair. Reduces greying of hair. Nourishes Scalp and strengthens hair strands. Bhringaraj is extensively used as an oil preparation that enhances hair growth and provides essential food for hair.

Fenugreek is a very useful plant that is used in natural medicines in countries all over the world, but it is also used as a beauty treatment for re-growing hair, fighting dandruff and scalp conditions. Dandruff is an inflammation that causes flaking skin, irritation, and redness of the scalp. Many people will suffer from it at some point during their lives, because it is a common, yet embarrassing problem. Fenugreek has been used for hundreds of years in India to cure this annoying and uncomfortable problem. Home remedies describe using a paste of the crushed or boiled seeds, applied to the scalp and allowed to penetrate overnight as an excellent dandruff remedy. The oils in the fenugreek seeds, which contain numerous skin-enriching ingredients, nourish the scalp.

Brahmi Oil
Brahmi oil is a natural substance used in ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India). Typically massaged into the scalp, it’s made from extracts of the herbs bacopa monnieri and gotu kola (usually combined with sesame oil or coconut oil). Proponents claim that brahmi oil can treat certain health conditions, as well as improve hair and skin. When massaged onto your scalp and hair, the antioxidant properties found in Brahmi oil can nourish and replenish hair roots and alleviate the itching and flaking associated with dandruff. Brahmi oil should ideally be applied on a nightly basis prior to bed for optimum results. Furthermore, Brahmi oil reportedly strengthens hair and inhibits the development of split ends.

Germaben II
Germaben II is a convenient, ready-to-use broad spectrum anti-microbial preservative for personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams, body sprays and other formulations. It is highly effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeasts and molds and does not need any additional preservatives.

Papaya Extract
Papaya extract can greatly improve the condition of skin and hair. Its vitamin A can help eliminate and prevent wrinkles by speeding up the formation of new, healthy skin cells and can provide a foundation for an extremely healthy scalp. Its vitamin C has antioxidants that keep skin fresh and hair noticeably softer. Thus, it has been claimed that the papaya provides a “fountain of youth” effect. The fruit also protects from ultraviolet rays, making it an all-natural sunscreen. Use caution, however, in using papaya extract near the eyes.

Pink Grapefruit Extract
We all love the luscious, delicious, pink grapefruit. But not many of us know about its health benefits in regards to hair. Grapefruit has a sweet, fresh, light and citrusy aroma that instantly uplifts the body and mind and revitalizes the hair and skin. It is a nutritious citrus fruit that is anti-oxidant rich and contains many medicinal benefits

Cetyl Alcohol
Cetyl alcohol facilitates this process by providing the creamy texture to hair conditioning products. The texture and overall richness in the feeling of the conditioner increases the efficiency and uniformity of the application, resulting in more strands of hair receiving appropriate levels of conditioning product. According to, cetyl alcohol also provides emulsification and thickening properties, further enhancing the product’s texture and ability to evenly coat the hair.

Stearalkonium Chloride
This common hair care ingredient is derived from coconut. We use it as an element in our hair conditioning complex, which will leave your hair shinier, softer, and more manageable.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is liquid gold for hair, it was used thousands of years ago by the Egyptians for healthy hair and it is still around today because in the 21st century it still works like a charm, for not only hair but also the skin. Why is castor oil so special? It contains a rare fatty acid called ricinoleic acid, it can be found only in castor oil and a group of fungi called ergot. Due to its high ricinoleic acid content castor oil exhibits strong pain-killing, anti microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.



Suggested use: Shake well. Wet hair, massage into scalp and rinse thoroughly. Repeat. For best results, use at least 3-5 times a week and in conjunction with Nemtrex Conditioner and Nemtrex Internal Therapy.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Lauramide DEA, Chamomile Extract, Germaben II (Propylene Glycol and Diazolidinyl Urea and Methylparaben and Propylparaben), Amla, Shikakai, Hibiscus, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Mandarin Extract, Papaya Extract, Citric Acid, Pink Grapefruit Extract, Sodium Chloride, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol.